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Bed Bug Eradication – 2 Effective Ways To Keep Your Hotel Bug Free

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

The bed bug is believed to be as ancient as the human existence. Experts assess that bed bugs fed from pre-historic humans’ blood since the time they dwell in caves. When human dwellings evolved from caves to huts made of leaves and from to huts to houses made of woods and into the concrete buildings, the bed bugs moved along with the civilization. When people moved around into the modern world from house to house, hotels to hotels and back, the pests moved with them too. Bed bugs travel in the crevices of luggage and drops in carpets and mattresses on the arrival of his host.

The growing complaints for bed bugs in Hotels keep increasing. It is major challenge for management to keep their establishment free of bugs. They take pride in claiming that their hotels are bed bug free, but how many are they that claim this, perhaps a few.

Why are Hotels infested more than the regular homes? Perhaps it is to the fact that there are more beds in hotels than in houses. Since there are more beds, there are more bed bugs and are more difficult to control. When Hotels do not give attention to guest’s complaints of early symptoms of bed bugs presence, the problem elevates to the scale of infestation.

In the 1930′s there was widespread infestation of bed bugs in American hotels. They were eradicated with the implementation of DDT pesticide in the post war era to the 1950s while the specie continues to grow in other parts of the Globe like Europe, Asia and Africa. Eventually the DDT was banned due to harmful effects on humans.

The bed bugs have now returned in hotels partly due to the increase of tourist influx and immigrants who might have picked the bugs from their origin and leaves them behind in hotels where they have stayed. Partly and a direct correlation is the banning of the DDT in the 1960′s which was then the only effective pesticide for bed bugs. These are compounded by the pests capability to reproduce at an alarming rate. A bug could lay 5 eggs a day for a life cycle of over one year and lay a total of about 500 eggs in its existence. It is to be noted also that bed bugs could reproduce 3 generations in almost a year.

Major concerns for hotel owners are court cases filed by disgruntled patrons who suffer severe skin infections due to bug bites. It is alarming that it is not just the cheap hotels that get infested. Even the first class one to five star hotels are not spared. The search for solution and addressing mass suits gives alarming concern that affects profitability of the hotel business.

There are two ways that hotels implement to control bed bugs infestation. One is the chemical treatment and the other is the non chemical approach.

1. Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment is conducted by pest control professionals. This is effective in reaching hard to reach tight places in hotel rooms. Two popular forms are the inorganic diatomaceous earth and the silica aerogel. They are placed in hard to reach tight places and support long term effectiveness. These desiccants render dehydration for the bugs and eventual death. The chemicals are low in toxicity for humans and domestic animals.
Pyrethroids are liquid insecticide repellant chemicals used in applying into crevices to prevent bed bugs from creeping into them.

2. Non-chemical treatments

a) Vacuum Cleaning – Do daily vacuuming of mattresses, furniture, beds and headboards where bed bugs usually to hide. The vacuum bag must be disposed of its content such that the captured bugs are ensured of being eliminated.
b) Steam clean and Hot drying – Steam cleaning and hot drying of carpets, upholstery of furniture, bedding’s and curtains helps eradicate bed bugs and its eggs from all other possible hiding places.

c) Housekeeping – Maintain housekeeping and eliminate clutters in hidden places like cabinets, drawers, stockrooms, etc.
It is a wise management move to contract professional services that have in depth knowledge and vast experience in eradicating pests including bed bugs. Since there are many competitors in the field, it is best to select through proper selection process.

It pays to listen to guest complaints and suggestions to help improve effectiveness of both controlling bed bugs infestation and prevention.They are the key to understanding customer satisfaction and the result of the programs implemented to eliminate bug infestation.

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